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Good Friday thoughts

This says it all...

God in Our Midst

Now in Jesus Christ this is just what has happened. The image of God has entered our midst, in the
form of our fallen life, in the likeness of sinful flesh. In the teaching and acts of Christ, in his life and
death, the image of God is revealed. In him the divine image has been re-created on earth. The
Incarnation, the words and acts of Jesus, his death on the cross, are all indispensable parts of that
image. But it is not the same image as Adam bore in the primal glory of paradise. Rather, it is the image
of one who enters a world of sin and death, who takes upon himself all the sorrows of humanity, who
meekly bears God's wrath and judgment against sinners, and obeys God's will with unswerving
devotion in suffering and death, the man born to poverty, the friend of publicans and sinners, the man
of sorrows, rejected by people and forsaken of God. Here is God made human, here is the human in the
new image of God.
- Dietrich Bonhoeffer -
from A Testament …

All you need is...

Many of us remember the Beatles' song "All You Need is Love." The Bonhoeffer devotional today offers a slightly different view: all you need is God in Christ. Enjoy.


April 3, 2007

God in Christ

All that we may rightly expect from God, and ask God for, is to be found in Jesus Christ. The God of Jesus Christ has nothing to do with what God, as we imagine God, could do and ought to do. If we are to learn what God promises, and what God fulfills, we must persevere in quiet meditation on the life, sayings, deeds, sufferings, and death of Jesus. It is certain that we may always live close to God and in the light of God's presence, and that such living is an entirely new life for us; that nothing is then impossible for us, because all things are possible with God; that no earthly power can touch us without God's will, and that danger and distress can only drive us closer to God. It is certain that we can claim nothing for ourselves, and may yet pr…