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A Place for Prayer: Receiving THIS Day

This really struck a chord with me today as I read/prayed it. May you be blessed as well.

A Place for Prayer: Receiving THIS Day

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The Meaning of Memories

I came across this just now and find Joan Chittester brings a powerful perspective on the issue.

The Meaning of Our Memories
Memory is one of the most powerful functions of the human mind. It is also one of life’s most determining ones. What goes on in memory has a great deal to do with what goes on in us all our lives. Memory is a wild horse, unbridled, riderless, maverick. It takes us often where we would not go, or takes us back over and over again to where we cannot stay, however much we wish we could. So, it leaves us always in one state or the other, one place or the other, leaves us either pining or confused, leaves us in either case in a world unfinished in us.

It is the unfinishedness that is the price we pay for growing always older.

The young hear memory in the voice of their elders and, delighted by these voices from the past or bored by them, too often miss the content behind the content. Memory is not about what went on in the past. It is about what is going on i…

Final Version--Will it Matter Anymore?

This is the sermon I preached yesterday at Grace Lutheran Church, Petersburg, WV, my internship site It seems like it was apropos considering what some of the folks are going through. God is faithful. The gospel reading was Luke 20:27-38.

I'm Learning

The last couple of weeks I've had the opportunity to ask myself what I would do with various situations if I encountered these situations as a pastor in my first call. I'm glad that these instances are occurring during internship. Here I have the opportunity to learn from a very wise and experienced pastor as my supervisor.  

Good self-care is one of the issues we are working through. I am on my second round of prednisone for my asthma which has been troubling me. I'm not sleeping well at night because of the cough and wheezing associated with it. I have responsibilities and duties in the church and for the members of Grace. When I saw the doctor Thurs., he was concerned about my nasty cough. This week I was scheduled to go to the nursing home to visit members there. I knew I wasn't contagious, but was uncertain as to whether or not it was a good idea for me to go there, so I asked him. The last time I was at the nursing home, there was a lot of respiratory stuff goin…