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The Workaround for Postmodernism

God's people face many challenges in living an incarnational lifestyle in today's world. Postmodernism presents us with challenges such as a belief that there are no absolutes. On the other hand, there is an unprecedented openness to spirituality.

In postmodernism, “The issue is the “imposition of one set of cultural ideas upon another.”[1] Oppressive ideologies are taboo. The answer is following Jesus’ example of love. “Through humility, love, and patience … preachers can take measures to dispel the concern of people who have witnessed atrocities and deceptions in the name of truth … and … God.”[2]Christ reaching out to the marginalized with a “radical embrace,”[3] his inclusiveness, appeals to postmoderns. The universality of the gospel, for all would be a drawing factor. Regarding metanarratives, “The gospel is not a metanarrative, an ideology imposed on people, but an intranarrative, a reality exposed in one people and one person—Christ.”[4] The collapse of metanarratives i…

Yesterday and today: 1 Tim 5

In reading the scriptures, it is sometimes difficult to determine what applies to us and what doesn't. Take a look with me at 1 Timothy 5 and Paul's words to Timothy.

Widows:instructions strictly for the first centurySeveral verses in this passage refer strictly to Paul’s time, such as the widows’ list. In verses 9-10, Paul cites the criteria for receiving support. The restriction regarding younger widows would be strictly for that time as well. Verse 15 addresses the local situation of younger widows that have left the faith. Elders The instruction to drink wine for his stomach (verse 23), was specifically for Timothy. Though possessing healthful properties, Paul was not prescribing wine for all stomach problems.“Whenever we share comparable particulars (i.e., similar specific life situations) with the first-century hearers, God’s Word to us is the same as his Word to them.”[1]On this basis, the following verses apply to us today. Verses one and two are good church order. Thes…