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Friday Five: Fireworks Edition

Sally at Rev Gals posted today's Friday Five. And here they are!

1. Barbeque's or picnics ( or are they essentially the same thing?)
They're essentially the same thing, but we call them picnics.

2. The park/ the lake/ the beach or staying at home simply being?
Normally we'd enjoy getting together with friends at home or at their place. I like gathering at the park or lake, not the beach. This year it's just the two of us at home.

3. Fireworks- love 'em or hate 'em?I love them.

4. Parades- have you ever taken part- share a memory...
I have only watched them. When I was little my brother was in one an we went to watch.Today we're watching the Bristol, RI parade, the oldest continuous running 4th of July parade in the country.

5. Time for a musical interlude- if you could sum up holidays in a piece of music what would it be? The "1812 Overture" performed by the Boston Pops.Oh yeah, "Stars and Stripes Forever" too.

Now a question of my own. Will…


I just discovered Wordle through the Boar's Head Tavern. It creates word clouds from text you provide. For instance, this is the result of putting in Matthew 25.