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Oh no! Not the "E" word!

It is difficult for some of us to share our faith in Christ with others. However, that is a necessary component of discipleship and the growth of God's kingdom. This is the sermon I shared at Bethel Lutheran Church. I shared the same basic message later Sunday with the folks at Bethany Lutheran Church. The biblical text is from the John 1:29-42.
Did you ever experience something that was so fantastic that you had to share it with everyone you meet? Did you see that new movie that’s out? It was so exciting. The special effects were unbelievable! You have to go see it! 
Or what about that new restaurant that has just opened up? The food is great; the service is wonderful; the atmosphere is so relaxing; and to top it all off, the prices are very reasonable. I’m telling all my friends about it!
Today’s gospel reading is a whole series of people telling each other that they have seen Jesus, who they think he is and inviting those people to come with them to see for themselves. That is the…