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Showing posts from April 29, 2012

So what's my excuse?

It's been a while since I have posted anything. Much of what has been happening lately is very exciting, but the details are unsharable. I am a pastoral candidate for a church in New York State which is thrilling. I cannot tell you where and I don't know when everything will come together. I feel like I'm on a bullet train that has definitely left the station. The next step in the process will be meeting with the church council.

Reading this piece by Henri Nouwen reminded me of the importance of writing. I do have something worth sharing and this is a time of my life unlike any other. There will never be another "first call" for me. Nouwen's piece is entitled Making Our Lives Available to Others. Click on the title and you'll be able to read it.

May each of us make our lives available in a multitude of ways this week. Peace!

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