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Everything old is new

Mystery religions are still practiced in contemporary Western culture. “… The New Age movement’s grown, and … with it an embrace of the supernatural often expressed in an anti-intellectual manner with crystals, palm readings, star signs, psychics, and the like.”[1] Some promote goddess worship, singling out the feminine attributes of God.Ancient and pagan beliefs are incorporated “into modern society … to recapture what technology and science have stripped from the contemporary world,[2] exemplified by the “Force” in the “Star Wars” series. Luke Skywalker was urged to rely on the Force and not his computerized targeting system; thus destroying the Death Star, and saving the day.Scientology is another cult that has become increasingly high profile, claiming to be an “applied religious philosophy.”[3] Several famous actors and actresses live by and promote it. Mother Earth is worshipped by others in their quest for what is natural. Whatever the form, there is a “new search for the trans…