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God is Our Everything

"The Lord is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation" (Psalm 118:14, English Standard Version) Martin Luther's comments on this verse werehelpful this morning:
Note the fine, threefold summary of the psalmist: The Lord is “my Strength,” “my Song,” “my Salvation.” The first indicates that he trusts wholly and completely in God, that God does, speaks, and quickens ... everything in him; and he will not boast of his own power, ability, knowledge, wisdom, holiness, or deeds. He will be nothing; in him God will be all and do all. What a sublime song and how rare in this world! He trusts and relies on no man or prince, on none of this world’s power, wealth, friends, alliances, support, wisdom, deeds, comfort, or help. He trusts in God alone, in contrast to himself and all the world’s might, wisdom, and holiness. This is expressed even more impressively in the song: God alone shall be his strength, trust, and defiance. Next, the psalmist cannot keep stil…