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Are we irrelevant?

To many non-Christians, the church seems irrelevant. Dan Kimball speaks to this issue regarding the post-modern generation. “People in emerging generations are open to discussing … truth. But they're looking for conversation, not a lecture, and facts, not rhetoric.”[1] To speak the language of today’s seekers, one must learn the language.Daniel Hill desired to understand younger, unchurched people. “For Hill, whose day job is ministering on staff with WillowCreekCommunityChurch's Axis outreach, Starbucks provides a context to build meaningful relationships with postmodern, Gen-Next twentysomethings who are far from God.”[2] God given intellects give us creativity in outreach.
[1] Dan Kimball, “I Like Jesus … Not the Church,” Outreach and Evangelism Today, 14 March 2007, n. p. Online: [14 March 2007].[2] Brett Lawrence, “Starbucks Spirituality,” Leadership Journal, Fall 2002, n. p. Online: http://www.christ…

Faith and Reason

“Sacred Scripture indicates … how deeply related are the knowledge conferred by faith and the knowledge conferred by reason…”[1] Rejecting reason denies being made in God’s image as intelligent beings. Reason without faith denies God’s plan, rejecting fellowship with him. “Intelligence enables everyone, believer and non-believer, to reach ‘the deep waters’ of knowledge (cf. Prov 20:5).”[2]Credo ut intellegam ("I believe in order to understand') and intellego ut credam ("I understand in order to believe") need to be kept in tension. Through faith, we understand who we are and where we fit in. Life can be intolerable without faith. God’s plans are “plans to prosper … not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future’” (Jer 29:11). “Most reflective believers with a theistic orientation realize that the truth of God’s existence is not immediately obvious.”[3] Anselm, a “reflective believer,”[4] stood “… in a long line of thoughtful believers who have sought to give a…