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Looking at God from Ground Zero

This is a powerful article about suffering.

Looking at God from Ground Zeroby Carolyn Custis James
September 11, 2007 | Memory fades. Time and distance work gradually on us until the unbearable images of 9/11 and the ensuing nightmares finally release their grip—at least for those of us who didn’t suffer personal losses. We’re sleeping peacefully through the night again. Air travel may be fraught with long lines, delays, and inconveniences in the aftermath of 9/11. But once the cabin door slams shut and the plane rolls onto the tarmac, we’re back to reading books again, dozing off for in-flight naps, and laughing out loud over comedy re-runs. We’re no longer nervously assessing other passengers or having our blood run cold at every thump of turbulence or unfamiliar noise. Sometimes a fading memory can be a blessing. Sleepless nights and fear of flying can be debilitating. Sometimes, however, fading memories take away too much from us. We may be feeling better. But have we timidly t…