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Showing posts from June 22, 2008

2 steps forward/1 back

I did great yesterday, but it was like two steps forward and one step back because I overdid it. I wasn't aware of that however, until the evening and throughout the night. My physical therapist said I need to remove one
activity for the next time.

So now after PT and a couple of errands, I'm resting.Didn't Jesus say something about that? Oh yeah...he's the source of rest.

Picture from flickr.

I've turned the corner and...

experienced a turning point recuperating from my knee replacement surgery. I have significantly less pain, am walking with one crutch (practicing with a cane), and am now cleared to drive--doing so for the first time today (on a road at least). Last week I experimented in the parking lot under the watchful eye of my physical therapist. Tomorrow I begin outpatient physical therapy.

When in pain, it is difficult to focus on anything but the pain. And we sometimes feel alone despite friends. Sunday's gospel was a pointed reminder that whether or not we're aware of it, God is with us, taking care of us, and we need not fear. By his grace our eyes are opened to his presence--sometimes in the most unexpected places.Thanks be to God.