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Homeward Bound

In spite of us.

God delights in our cooperation with his purposes, but thankfully he works in spite of us.

An update on L's situation--progress has been made and her blood work has improved. A weight has been lifted from their shoulders. Thank you for joining in prayer wih us.

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God's presence is evident wherever we dare to look for it. My relationship with L. is one such example. When I had my knee surgery last week L. and I were next to each other in the recovery room. We have the same doctor and had the same procedure on the same knee. We were room mates in the hospital. We are room mates here at Riverview. One sleepless night as we talked, we discovered that Ray and I know her brother from church!

Coincidence...I think not. So I have been asking God what was going on, what purpose does he have for our meeting? It is becoming much clearer now. My surgery was nice and straightforward, unlike L's. Whatever could go wrong has gone wrong, the latest of which is problems with the clotting of her blood, leaving her vulnerable to blood clots.

She and her family are scared. As doctors work to resolve the crisis, they wait and wonder how and if a solution will be found. But God knows all about this. My role is to befriend and pray.

Picture from flickr.