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Showing posts from August 10, 2008

It Has Begun

Yesterday we began the cruise of Summer Greek, our prof's analogy for this intensive two week course. We even have an activities director! Not only will we work together, but we will also pray and play together. We worshiped in chapel, had a picnic last night (which Abby particularly enjoyed), worship Sunday, miniature golf next Saturday, etc. Despite our fear and trepidation of a quiz on the first day of class, we all survived and even had some fun. The first session was introductory, the quiz, and work. After the break, we met in a large room in a circle to introduce ourselves in 4 minutes to our classmates and others. We each had to give our name, tell where we were from, what church/denomination, how God got us, and why we were at Gettysburg. Everyone's story was different, yet there were recurring themes that resonated with each of us: a sense of God's leading, circumstances, "It just felt right." We are of various ages, from varied locations and backgro

We Do Have a Floor and Furniture

Though the space was smaller, it was just about this bad in our apartment until Saturday night. We found ourselves moving boxes from one place to another, then back to their original location just to make a path. Much of the chaos dissipated with the unpacking of my books. The difference is so dramatic that it reminds me of this song. Just substitute "boxes" for "rain." Chaos is becoming order, which is a good thing since Summer Greek starts Friday. Flickr picture.