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Showing posts from September 5, 2010

Just Over a Month

We have now been here in Petersburg, WV for internship just over a month. School began here in August--1 week before it began in Gettysburg--well before it began for my granddaughter in Rochester, NY. First grade began for her this past Thursday after Labor Day. Everything and everyone is gearing up for the school year routine.

What is particularly different about this year is hearing about what's happening on the Gettysburg Seminary campus, but not being involved in it. I still follow the news via the Redactor, the seminary's daily news. There are familiar and not so familiar names. It is a different world there than here. I miss the people and some of the activities, like the Fri. night bonfires in the quad.

But I absolutely love internship here in the Potomac Highlands. Actually doing the work I have been trained for is particularly rewarding, especially when I "get it right." Of course, there are also those times when I am so very aware of my shortcomings and how m…