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The Road to Postmodernity

How did we get to this postmodern post Christian era? Take a look below.

The Classical view was humanistic/sacred whereas the Modern orientation was scientific/secular. “Modern science requires only one ontological level, the physical,”[1] beginning and ending with sensory perception. Science’s indices are space, time, matter or energy, which are convertible.[2] Being one planed, “…to speak of anything in science as having a different ontological status—as better, say, or more real—is to speak nonsense.”[3]Modernism defined knowledge by what could be learned by study of physical objects. “…there is … only one kind of entity in the world ... physical objects; and … only one kind of knowledge … the kind that natural scientists have.”[4] Impressive achievements wrought by technology, demonstrated the truth they proposed. Postmodernity reacts to Modernity in recognizing Enlightenment rationalism’s failure, “call[ing] into question the ideals, principles, and values that lay at the heart o…

A Profound Mystery

Belonging to Christ as “a bride in relationship to her loving and caring bridegroom (Eph 5:25-32) [1]is my most cherished image. Though “bride,” is absent from the passage, its meaning “is a profound mystery … I am talking about Christ and the church” (Eph 5:32). Having been under loved and well loved, this interconnectedness with Christ is richer, dearer as my husband ministers love to me. “Christ loved … and gave himself up for her” (Eph 5:25). “It was on the cross that our Lord gave himself up for his bride … all the more telling, since ekklesia is feminine.”[2] Encouraging my education and vocation, Ray lovingly sacrifices.Christ’s “mak[ing] her holy, cleansing her …washing with water” (Eph 5:26), loving her as is, but transforming her as “separate for himself a people for his own possession”[3] is profound. Paul possibly “was alluding to the purification of the bride before the marriage ceremony (Ezek 16:9).”[4] His “radiant church” (Eph 5:27a) “in unsullied splendor … Paul … app…