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Showing posts from August 24, 2008

Oopah! The tradition continues

Summer Greek 2008 ended yesterday. And a sigh of relief was heard from all. We have had some marvelous cheerleaders throughout the process--previous years' students, profs. We've had ice cream socials, picnics and prayer. The 2 weeks was concluded with a celebratory Greek dinner last night, followed by a round of plate smashing. The stress levels were high in the intense 2 weeks of whirlwind, head spinning study of Greek. We stood on the patio of the refectory (dining room) for the plate smashing. Plates were smashed in honor of our class, spouses, the profs etc.

Our class has been divided into 2 groups based on grades and where we would fit best. There is the rabbit group and the turtle group. I am happily a turtle. The pace will be such that what didn't stick in our brains during the fast pace of Summer Greek will have a chance to stick. We were reminded of the old proverb, "Slow and steady wins the race." I couldn't help but think of this video as an expre…

One down, one to go

We are now halfway through Summer Greek. My head has finally stopped spinning around long enough for me to write. Most of us in Greek class this morning had a case of scrambled brains. Our first exam was this past Fri. We studied hard for that and most everyone did well, including me. But by Fri. night, I didn't want to go near Greek...Sat. I made myself do a little...Sun. a little more...and finished the assignment this morning.

It seemed like I had poured everything I knew about Greek out of my head and onto that exam with nothing left. Many could not remember the simplest things we knew cold last week. But then we were reminded of the grace and love of God that continues to work and see us through--even through intensive, two sessions a day, quiz each morning Summer Greek. God's grace is sufficient. It is that which bears us up and carries us. Students that were in our shoes a year or more ago keep reminding us of this.

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