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Showing posts from December 23, 2007

We're back!

Our Christmas celebration in Rochester was wonderful. Gracie is growing so much. When I finish my current roll of film, I'll post some pictures. We attended church with them Sunday. Sarah and Grace belong to an amazingly warm, wonderful community of faith. Here is the url to the church's website:

If you ever find yourself in Greece, NY, that's the church to visit. The new senior pastor, Pastor Eileen, remembered our names after just a brief chat before the service. She communed us by name. Even Sarah was amazed.

On a different train of thought, but not really, are we theologians of glory or theologians of the cross? Read this article by Jill Briscoe at Gifted for Leadership. You'll find it at: It's a reminder we all need as God's people, no matter our vocation.


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