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On the First Day of Summer Greek

There was a letter on the LTSG website from the professor of Summer Greek, which will be my first seminary course. Think of the tune to "The Twelve Days of Christmas." "On the first day of Summer Greek the professor's giving us, a quiz on the Greek alphabet." But that's only the beginning. This is quoted from the letter:

"The assignment to be completed prior to the first class session is:
Read Lesson 1 in Croy and the Introduction in Lamerson.Memorize the Greek alphabet (small case letters only)Memorize Greek vowels, diphthongs, breathing marks, punctuation
The quiz on Friday morning will be on the alphabet, vowels, diphthongs, breathing marks, and punctuation.Do not worry about the rules for Greek accents (pp. 3-4 in Croy).We will cover this material at a later point but not on the first day."
OK, I'm officially nervous. Somehow in my mind I thought those first couple weeks on campus before Greek would be a time to familiarize myself with the ar…