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Religious Pluralism

Whether we like it or not, whether we are ready or not, religious pluralism is part of our world, of our country. Here is my response to the following scenario.

Sarah, one of the high school youth in your congregation comes up to you after service on Sunday and says she needs to talk.She has a good friend who is Muslim who invited her to worship with her last Friday.Sarah went, and really enjoyed the service, but when she came home and told her parents that she had participated fully in the service, they told her she had committed idolatry, and forbade her from going back.Sarah was really upset, because the service had been very meaningful for her, and she really felt drawn to go back and learn more about Islam—was that a bad thing?Could she do that and still be a Christian?How would you answer her?I would express my understanding of Sarah’s feelings. Islam is an impressive faith when someone is a pious, good Muslim.Particularly if one’s own faith is lukewarm or lacking, Islam is very …

How Free are We?

Martin Luther had some very strong feelings about our free will or lack thereof. Below is a short essay I wrote concerning his work Bondage of the Will.

People's Needs Met

Reform # 5

No One Hungry

Public Education

Reform #4 from the 16th century.

Revelation of Justification by Grace through Faith

Reform #3