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Almost Heaven Internship--It's Official!

For quite a while, the site where I will be doing my internship has been in the works. Today, I heard officially that it's a definite GO. This is the beautiful area where I will be spending my internship year, beginning this summer. It is the town of Petersburg, WV. There are no major cities near there at all. Due west is the Grant County Airport and beyond that is the Monongahela National Forest. Wait till you see the picture with the article. It' absolutely breathtaking.

I will be working with Pr. Larry Cantu, pastor of Grace Lutheran Church in Petersburg. I am very excited about the site and about Pr. Cantu being my supervisor. Every other site and pastor I saw and interviewed with had one or maybe two things about them that interested me. This site and pastor have multiple things that excite and energize me in ministry. When I read the profile to Ray he could hardly believe it and kept saying it had my name written all over it. It was like this was custom designed for me. I…

Flash Forward and Taize

Some of you may or may not be familiar with Taize and its music. In the ELW there are a number of Taize hymns. They are simple, repetitive, and powerful.

The other night we were watching a show on ABC called "Flash Forward." The story line is that there was a worldwide blackout for around 2 minutes. In that time, people saw glimpses of their future. Now everyone is trying to put together the pieces and figure things out. As we were watching, in the background the hymn, "Stay with Me, Abide with Me" from Taize was being played and sung. That just blew us away.

A character has emerged in the show whose life has been changed in such a way that he is telling people about God and Jesus. It was quite a powerful episode. The part with the hymn is toward the very beginning after they recap what happened previously. Here's the link:

I'd be interested in seeing what you think.