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Hometown Boy Makes Good

This is the sermon I preached last week at St. Timothy Lutheran Church. The text was Luke 4:21-30.

Can't you imagine what the talk of the town would be when the residents of Nazarethfind out that Jesus has come home?
He's here. He's here. Did you hear what he did in Capernaum? Surely he will perform miracles and heal people here. After all, we're his neighbors. He grew up here.
The report of all the works and miracles Jesus had made its way to Nazareth. The hometown boy has made good. These people were expectant! Wouldn't you be?
Today's gospel begins with the declaration of fulfillmentVv. 21-22. In last week's gospel, in the synagogue, Jesus read from Isaiah about all the promises of what God would do for his people. The fulfillment Jesus speaks of must be rooted in his person. He is the One anointed by the Holy Spirit.
The crowd heard Jesus' declaration of fulfillment as a promise of special favor for those of his hometown. At the same time, Jesus embrace…