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Pampering Yourself

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Practical Pampering
29 ways to treat yourself right in the New Year.
by Kimberly Neessen

Taking care of yourself doesn't need to be a costly or extravagant affair. A friend of mine says it's all in the lighting; anything can be pampering as long as you light a candle while doing it. For example, take a bath and light a candle. Make dinner and light a candle. Balance the checkbook and light a candle. (Well, maybe that last one is taking it a bit too far, but you get the idea!)Lighting issues aside, pampering can be as simple as getting creative with what you have and giving yourself permission to do something special for yourself. Try some of these simple, inexpensive pampering pointers when you need a break from the race that is your life. And don't forget to light a candle!1. Get a manicure at a local beauty school.2. Give your walls a new look by checking out artwork from your local l…

Thanksgiving at Christian's

We spent Thanksgiving with my son in Buffalo, NY.