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Prepared and Sent

This is the sermon I preached on Sunday, April 15 at St. Timothy Lutheran Church. The text is 
Luke 24:36b-48.

Today’s gospel reading is the third resurrection appearance and yet, the disciples are still afraid and doubtful. How in the world can God use these people to spread His word throughout the world? The good news is that God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Jesus did not reproach his doubtful disciples, but empowered them to witness to all God had done. 

No matter how bright and learned one may be, it does not mean that he or she is ready to share the faith. We see that Jesus here commissioned his disciples and that’s really exciting. However, they still needed more preparation. You would think the three years they had spent with Jesus would have been more than enough to make them ready. 

Before Jesus sends his followers into all the world, he proves that he is risen from the dead, he opens the disciples’ minds to understand scripture and THEN, sends his disciples.