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I've graduated to...

sinusitis and bronchitis. What started out as allergies and asthma has crossed the line to sinusitis and bronchitis. I saw the doctor today because I was feeling worse, coughing more, and this morning my voice was like a basso profundo. LTSGers would know the kind of voice I had as sounding like Jack Delk's. I know when I get to that marker, that I need to be seen. At this point I sound worse than I feel. The doctor has me on Prednisone and an antibiotic.

So...that's the news from internship in Petersburg, where the vicar is sick, the vicar's spouse is coughing, and everything is blooming. A full week lay ahead, so I appreciate your prayers for wisdom when to rest and when to keep pressing on. Thank you.

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Showers, Flowers, and allergies

You know the old adage, "April showers bring May flowers." Well along with the showers comes mold (to which I'm especially allergic). Ray, on the other hand is allergic to most anything green that grows--grass and trees. The spring is a beautiful time of year, but we're a bit on allergy overload right now. The last couple of weeks we've had few days without rain. And just to make it interesting, there have been tornado watches and warnings!

So, we are finding our energy flagging a bit from the allergies. This is at a time that although Holy Week is done, there remains much to do that requires energy. My internship winds up in June and there really isn't that much time between now and then. 
So, basically, I think I may just be whining a bit, but neither Ray nor myself feel very good right now. We're not sick, but just are off the charts with allergies. So, this seems to be another reminder of my inability to do anything in my owns strength, of which there&#…