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Showing posts from July 31, 2011

Moving Forward

Well, it's time for an update. We've been back in Gettysburg for  a month. It wasn't that long ago that we were surrounded by boxes and could hardly find a place to sit. We're all settled now except for a couple of boxes in the den. A few days after our arrival, I had a planned surgery on my ankle and Achilles tendon. I was sporting a hot pink cast and making my way around with a Roll-A-Bout . This has obviously limited what I've been able to do around the house. Yesterday had a follow up visit with the surgeon. Now I am sans one hot pink cast. Yeah! And the Roll-A-Bout will be packed up and shipped back. I have a boot that I wear now and use a regular walker to get around. Slowly I am working my way up to weight bearing as tolerated. The best part is that I can now shower! Ray, my husband, has been amazing during the time of my convalescence. He keeps saying he's been "domesticated." He has been cooking, unpacking, and doing virtually everything