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Whatever Lord

For Epistles class, I had to come up with an interpretive element for the passage Philippians 4:2-9. It is the last piece of the project which consisted of exegeting the text and writing a sermon. I used Wordle, which shows the most frequent words in larger print. Here are some results:

It has been an especially difficult month
on many levels: physically,emotionally,academically.
I will be glad when the semester is over,as much as
I love my studies,and particularly glad once
internship begins in August. One frustration
has been where we'll live in July. Initially,
we were going to be able to stay in our apartment
on campus until the end of July and then we'd leave
for internship. Now we have a month to be proverbial
vagabonds, moving from place to place--either on
campus or among family and friends.

This has been a time of high anxiety for many of us.
I found the above Wordles particularly helpful to
bring out the themes of the passage. What it all
comes down to is giving it all to God, lett…