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I Don't Like Good-byes

This month that was to be our vacation before starting internship has managed to be one of stress and loss. Saying good-bye to those we love is painful and difficult whether they be beloved friends, family, pets, or places.

We leave for internship Tues., Aug. 3. Within the last month we have moved, saying good-by to our apartment of the last two years.

Many friends have moved on to their calls, CPE, or their internship sites. We are the last to leave campus for internship. It's getting a bit lonely, yet at the same time seniors are returning from their year of internship.

A little over two weeks ago, we said good-bye to our beloved Abby, Ray's retired Seeing Eye dog who was 13 years and 9 months old. Her arthritis pain is now a thing of the past and yet we miss her. We were doing pretty well until today.

First of all, our cat, Pokey, cannot come with us on internship. Thankfully, we have made some wonderful friends here at seminary. Among those friends is Denise. As soon as she he…

The Immigration Fight Isn't Over - SojoMail 07.29.10

The Immigration Fight Isn't Over

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[Editor's Note: Jim Wallis is on a
well-deserved vacation for the next few weeks. Rev. Jennifer
Kottler, director of policy and advocacy at Sojourners, will be
writing the SojoMail column in his absence.]

Yesterday, U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton preliminarily struck
down key provisions
in Arizona’s infamous SB
 law and ruled that states cannot preempt federal
law. While important, this is a victory that rings hollow for me
and all those who care about the true reform of our immigration
system. In many ways, the damage to neighborhoods and
communities had already been done, as people did not wait to see
how the law would affect them. Many mixed-status families pulled
their children out of school and moved out of state, closing
stores and restaurants and leaving many immigrant neighborhoods
like ghost towns. This did not just affect undocumented
immigrants but all those whose status…

July 26, 2010 - Digging Into Our Spiritual Resources

The Dynamics of the Spiritual Life

Our emotional lives and our spiritual lives have different dynamics. The ups and downs of our emotional life depend a great deal on our past or present surroundings. We are happy, sad, angry, bored, excited, depressed, loving, caring, hateful, or vengeful because of what happened long ago or what is happening now.

The ups and downs of our spiritual lives depend on our obedience - that is, our attentive listening - to the movements of the Spirit of God within us. Without this listening our spiritual life eventually becomes subject to the windswept waves of our emotions.

Share your thoughts on this reflection. These reflections are taken from Henri J.M. Nouwen's Bread for the Journey.

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