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Showing posts from May 8, 2011

Shepherd of the Sentimental

I find myself becoming more sentimental about those no longer with us on this earth. I've been thinking about my brother Fred, who passed away in 1995. Since this past December, I've enjoyed a renewed relationship with my nieces and nephews, some I haven't seen since they were toddlers. This certainly brings my brother to mind more frequently. His children so strongly resemble him.

My brother loved movies. As a little girl, I remember he had the movie sound track (yes vinyl lp) to Gigi. One of the stars was Maurice Chevalier, a suave, debonaire Frenchman. He was famous for songs such as Thank Heaven for Little Girls and I Remember it Well.

I hadn't given the movie or songs much thought until tonight. We had an easy listening, elevator type music station on during supper. As I was cleaning things up they started playing "Gigi." It was an instrumental version and I started singing along. Before long I had tears in my eyes--tears of sadness for those times I sti…