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Showing posts from March 2, 2008

My Three Profs--Thank You!!

The first half of this semester has been difficult, to say the least. Week two of my classes was my total knee replacement. Somehow, I unrealistically thought that once I was out of the hospital and into rehab, I would easily catch up from the few days missed. Boy was I wrong! Much of the remaining time of these courses, I was anywhere from 1-2 weeks behind and wondering if I would ever catch up. By God's grace I did. And it was due in no small part to the grace of my three professors: Jonathan Howell, Don Solomon, and Dr. Kevin Larsen at Regent University. Despite the lateness of most of my work, not one of them dinged me for that. I am grateful to these three dear Christian professors who understand the meaning of grace. I have learned much from them.