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God Sightings

Once again The Lutheran has some insightful articles apropos for Lent. Check out "God Sightings." February 2008 issue Story by Carolyn Coon Mowchan Image by Michael D. Watson God sightings Make it your Lenten practice to watch for God's activity Where I live in the beautiful north woods of Wisconsin, restaurants still serve fish on Friday nights. I wonder if anyone thinks of sacrifice these days while eating walleye. I also wonder what people think about during Lent in 2008. All rituals can be empty or inspiring depending on clarity and earnestness. Here’s a suggestion: Let’s all give up mistrusting God for Lent. Wouldn’t that be worth a Hallelujah chorus or two? How would we even start trusting, you might be thinking? Theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer (famous for several things, including the term “cheap grace”) suggested that trust follows obedience. Likewise,

But God Can

Over breakfast I was looking though the latest issue of The Lutheran and came across this article. Story by Glen A. Bengson 'But God can' Ash Wednesday reminds us God renews, reforms, revives our lives I had baptized 4-year-old Sarah and her brother some months before and was visiting the family to see how things were going. “Has Sarah mentioned anything about the experience?” I asked her mother. “Oh, yes,” she answered. “She said the pastor made a cross on her forehead. I told her, ‘But you can’t see it now.’ “‘But God can,’ replied Sarah.” When the ashes of Ash Wednesday welcome us into the disciplines of Lent and Christian life, we begin that 40-day journey of repentance and renewal confident that, indeed, “God can.” God can bring life out of death. God can join water and word, bread and wine, repentance and forgiveness, and cross and community to fashion a new beginning and a new people in Christ. God can renew and reform and revive my life becau

Progress Report

Tuesday I saw the surgeon for a post-op visit. He was pleased with my progress and because it's my left knee, he will let me drive again when I feel comfortable doing so. YEAH!! I felt great at the visit, then had physical therapy at home in the afternoon and all was well. But Tues. evening and yesterday were something else again. The pain was horrible. I think I did too much on Tues. Last night's sleep was better. I still hurt but...The physical therapist will be here in about 25 minutes and then we'll see what the rest of the day brings. All I know is that God is my strength and I can do nothing apart from his grace. Needless to say, I didn't make it to Ash Wednesday service yesterday, but even as Ray and I prayed together last night, I was very aware of the reminder, "Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return. Peace. Picture from