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Showing posts from September 14, 2008

Amity and Communion

Yesterday while I was at teaching parish, Ray, still at Seeing Eye in NJ, took new guide dog Amity to church for the first time. All went really well until...communion distribution. Amity was seated beside Ray who was kneeling and waiting for the pastor to give him the bread. As soon as the pastor offered Ray the bread, Amity stretched, reaching her head forward like she wanted communion too. Ray, the pastor, and the Seeing Eye trainer lost it. They couldn't help but laugh. That was Amity's first church visit. She's already a good Lutheran dog. As one friend remarked, "Okay - so THAT dog needs to go to First Communion class!" For Abby it's compline, for Amity it's communion. What can one do with dogs like that? If only all God's people were as interested in the means of grace as these dogs are! Flickr pictures