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Love Has Come

This is the sermon I preached on 3/25 at St. Timothy Lutheran Church . The text was Philippians 2:5-11 . Paul quotes a hymn or song in Philippians 2. This reminds me of another song, “Love Has Come,” which is the gist of what the Philippians' song is about. We can think of it as before Love came, Love has come, Love has lived, Love has been rewarded and Love has shown us how to live. Before Love came, Jesus was living with the Father and Spirit in the love of the Trinity. The theological term for this is Jesus’ preexistence. Paul writes, “Think of yourselves the way Christ Jesus thought of himself” (v. 5). The New English Bible renders these words as, “Let your bearing towards one another arise out of your life in Christ.” Everything flows from our relationship and connectedness to Christ. God is the God who always comes down—and look what Jesus gave up! Jesus and the Father and the Holy Spirit were in perpetual love and fellowship. Leaving all that behind, was lik

Sight, Sound and Fruit

This is the sermon I preached on Sunday, 3/18 at St. Timothy Lutheran Church . The text is John 12:20-33 . The twelfth chapter of John is the conclusion of what is called the gospel ’ s  “ book of signs. ”  Signs are prevalent throughout the first section of John ’ s gospel. Now we come to the bridge, as we transition to the second part, called the  “ book of glory. ” This portion of John ’ s gospel provides us with a sensual feast. The senses of sight and hearing are employed by John as we are encouraged to follow Jesus.  First of all, the Greeks want to see Jesus. Seeing means more than getting a simple glimpse of him from afar. They want to meet Jesus and to speak with him. This begs the question, just who are these Greeks? They may either be people who had converted to Judaism from another religion and so came to Jerusalem to worship or they may have been Jews that lived in gentile areas like the Apostle Paul did. We don ’ t know for sure. At any rate, they do not ap