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Community Carries Us

Why Community?

Years ago when I was working with new members in the community, there was always one session in which I asked each of them individually, and in turn, why they went to prayer. The answers were always full of the piety that comes with newness and the theology that comes from books.

"Because," someone would say, "prayer is what leads us to perfection. That's why I go to prayer." I'd shake my head: "No," I'd say. "That's not why we go to prayer."

They'd think a while, then someone else would try. "We go to prayer to immerse ourselves in God." I'd shake my head: "No," I'd say. "We are always immersed in God but that's not why we go to prayer."

The brows would tighten around the table. "I think we go to prayer to remember God," someone would say a bit more tentatively. I'd shake my head: &q…

Walked So Much My Hands Hurt

On Thursday my hot pink cast was removed! I was so excited about that. The best thing is that I could take a shower without fear of getting the cast wet or falling and putting weight on the cast, which was a huge no-no.

I am now wearing a special boot when I walk and am using a traditional type walker. Gone are the days of my scooter-like walker with wheels. So, I've been out and about.

Friday I did quite a bit of walking. Now, what you need to understand is that I can only put very little weight on my foot at this time. This means that my arms and hands are bearing the weight as I step onto my right foot. Consequently, when I woke up Sat. morning, I hurt from so much walking. Now it wasn't my foot that hurt, but the heels of my hands! I walked so much my hands hurt.

I took it pretty easy yesterday and was raring to go to church today and did just fine. I am healing well and looking forward to the time when I'll be able to drive. That won't be for at least another 4 w…