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The Secret Lives of Dogs

Abby (L) Amity (R) I've done lots of writing about Abby and Amity and posted pictures of other similar looking dogs. Now that I have a digital camera here they are!
Amity & Ray

Amity is doing a fine job as a guide dog and Abby is doing a fine job of holding down the rug in retirement and loving the freedom of
being fussed over by everyone. For her it's open season for petting. And since being here at seminary where there are lots of dogs, they have boyfriends or should I say dogfriends.

The first is Gus, a huge, gentle giant of a Pit Bull. Abby met him first. After Amity joined the family, she liked him also. When the girls see Gus, their whole demeanor changes like teenagers seeing a rock star. Their faces light up, their tales start wagging. It's like they're saying, "He's here!" The problem was, both girls were vying for his attention. But now a classmate brought his dog to campus from home aft…

Family Worship

Because yesterday was part of Thanksgiving weekend, I did not have teaching parish at Rural Lutheran. I love being involved there, but had forgotten how wonderful it is to simply participate in Sunday worship and not be responsible for anything in the service! I enjoyed sitting with Ray and friends.

I have heard how important it is for pastors to intentionally make opportunities for worship and sabbath. Though my responsibilities on Sundays are nothing compared to Rural Pastor's, I'm beginning to have a better understanding of why I keep hearing that.

After worship, we went to lunch with a classmate and her parents. It was so relaxing and enjoyable.--and yummy!

The day was then crowned with LTSG's annual Advent Vespers which is a beautiful, amazing service. We had a wonderful ushering in of the Advent season.

fllickr and Music Gettysburg! pictures

Keeping Alert

Not only are we to keep alert for the coming of the Lord, but we need to keep alert to hold up and walk with our brothers and sisters in need. I want to thank Proclaiming Softly for her apt reminder. She issued an urgent prayer request for some missionaries in Nigeria.

Having been on the other side of the ocean in Palestine, I learned that just because we don't hear of problems in our news doesn't mean they aren't happening. Please read Mary Beth's blog and pray for this family as well as others that put their lives on the line in service of our God. Lord in your mercy...hear our prayer.