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Showing posts from January 25, 2009

Walking Wounded

Some of us are struggling in various ways here at seminary. I have been repeatedly reminded of an old Don Francisco song, "Walking Wounded." The You Tube below is the only version I could find, but please think of men as well as women when you listen. Just because the wounds aren't visible doesn't mean they aren't painful and real.

One classmate I spoke with today found out he had failed one of the required foundational courses from the Fall semester. He's now on academic probation. The pain on his face made me want to cry. He is not the only one in that situation.

Another classmate has looked so sad and unhappy lately. She has been homesick. Today is the first time I have seen a smile on her face in a while.

One couple getting ready for their internship next year just found out that the wife's synod is requiring that the two of them serve at separate sites. Their hope was to serve at a church where they could hone their skills to serve as a clergy couple. T…