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A Church That Knows How to Eat

On Sunday I had the privilege of leading worship and preaching at the church I'm serving and also a neighboring congregation. Our two churches are close geographically and for many years shared a pastor. This is the message I shared at my congregation. The text was John 6:51-58.

Our church has quite a reputation. Last week, for the celebration of Portville’s 175th anniversary, many people made pies and other delicious baked goods. From what I have heard, many people were specifically looking for the goodies we made. They had purchased pies or fudge from us during the Heritage Days celebration. Our baked goods have achieved renown in the community. We are a church who enjoys food and knows how to eat. Before I was officially called to be Bethel’s pastor, Ray and I had dinner together with the church council at Sprague’s. Pr. Dan Rumfelt shared that Bethel has a reputation. Then, he asked if the council knew what that reputation in the community is. Bryan Hatch piped up, “This church…