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Pneumatalogical Approach to World Religions

God’s Spirit in CreationMoltmann describes the Holy Spirit as the “Spirit of life.” [1] and “suggests that every experience ‘can possess a transcendent, inward side … grounded theologically on an understanding of the Spirit of God as the power of creation and the wellspring of life.’”[2]Religion as a Response to the Holy SpiritThis may be, but sometimes it may be a fearful response to demonic activity, trying to appease evil spirits etc. Following discussion of Gunton’s position that “the Spirit allows for the Spirit’s work in creation outside the church”[3] Lord stresses, “we need to deal with the Fall and the need for discernment.”[4]Recognizing the Spirit’s PresenceHe is recognized by “’experiences of awakening and disclosure,’ annunciation experiences.”[5]One Muslim young man in Bethlehem related that while walking, looking at the grass, the sky, enjoying the day, he saw Jesus. He said it casually as if it was an everyday occurrence. Sometimes the evidence of the Spirit’s work is …

Understanding is Redemptive

Here's a little post I did connected with systems thinking which relates to our life together as church.

Unwillingness to listen, to reach a point of understanding is devaluing. Though tarnished by sin, people are still made in God’s image, behooving us to endeavor to understand their viewpoint. “Genuine engagement in the process of learning from and with others will require you to be ready to change ... for the good” (Brennan, 2002, p. 19).Entering into dialogue, “with a spirit of inquiry and openness” (Sapp, 2002, p. 3) is crucial. Reaching a point of understanding was intrinsic to our ministry to Palestinian college students in the Holy Land. Sapp’s term, “suspending assumptions” as crucial to effective dialogue resonates with the friendship evangelism or incarnational model we followed. Rather than treating them as Arab terrorist heathens, we took interest in them and in their faith. Mutual respect and inquisitive learning about each other’s culture, language and faith resulte…