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Home Stretch

There is light at the end of the tunnel. After a week off, my last three courses for my undergrad degree began yesterday. Despite any numerous perceived interruptions, I don't expect to get behind like I did after my surgery. This is not to say these eight weeks will be easy, but it should be like a proverbial cakewalk compared to the first half of the semester. My pain is greatly diminished, in spite of a flare up of bursitis. With degree in hand I will be ready for Gettysburg in August, which I just recently discovered will begin on the 17th with Greek.

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Thanks Mark

Mark Daniels, at his blog, "Better Living Thoughts from Mark Daniels," had a great quote of the day posted:

"We should pray with few words but with deep, meaningful thoughts. The fewer the words, the better the prayer. The more the words, the worse the prayer. Few words and deep meaning are Christian. Many words and little meaning are pagan." [Martin Luther]

See Jesus' words in Matthew 6:7-8.

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