Friday, August 5, 2011

Moving Forward

Well, it's time for an update. We've been back in Gettysburg for  a month. It wasn't that long ago that we were surrounded by boxes and could hardly find a place to sit. We're all settled now except for a couple of boxes in the den.

A few days after our arrival, I had a planned surgery on my ankle and Achilles tendon. I was sporting a hot pink cast and making my way around with a Roll-A-Bout. This has obviously limited what I've been able to do around the house.

Yesterday had a follow up visit with the surgeon. Now I am sans one hot pink cast. Yeah! And the Roll-A-Bout will be packed up and shipped back. I have a boot that I wear now and use a regular walker to get around. Slowly I am working my way up to weight bearing as tolerated. The best part is that I can now shower!

Ray, my husband, has been amazing during the time of my convalescence. He keeps saying he's been "domesticated." He has been cooking, unpacking, and doing virtually everything around here. Most recently he put together chairs for the dining area.

Besides recuperating, my big project now is my approval essay for candidacy. Part of moving forward in the process toward ordination hinges upon successful completion of the essay. It is due to my synod and the seminary by Sept. 1.

We really miss the folks from Petersburg, WV, where we were for my internship, but it is good to reconnect with friends and classmates as we all return to campus. It's hard to believe it will be my last year. Didn't we just arrive? Classes begin Sept. 7.

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