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Abby Skipped

Since our arrival on campus, Abby, my husband's Seeing Eye Dog, has been making friends. I have been walking with Ray around campus so he and Abby can learn the way. The plan was for Ray to meet me after class, to attend chapel and lunch.

We did not know ahead of time that the class time would run much later than anticipated and that it would be followed by chapel. I called Ray and told him and he and Abby set out, unassisted, to make their way to chapel to join me. Ray said that Abby got so excited when she realized that they were going for a walk that she started to bounce, almost skipping along the way to chapel. She was in her glory as a Seeing Eye Dog, helping Ray get around campus.

At the evening picnic, she was "off duty" and could be petted by any and all. She loved it. She even made friends with another student's pug, Bella. The difference in size didn't bother either one of them as they sniffed, licked, tails wagging the whole time. Perhaps we have something to learn from our dogs.

When we returned home, Abby was still bouncy and excited. She followed us around the apartment for a while, then finally crashed, just like a small child would. It had been a very exciting day for this black lab.

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Unknown said…
What a sweet story!
Ivy said…
Thank you Songbird. By the way, where did Molly get trained as a therapy pet? We see this as a possibility for Abby in retirement.
Anonymous said…
What a great day for Abby!

For a moment there I thought you meant she ran out on paying the check...
Ivy said…
Steve, you're too much. She loves it here, just as much as we do. We find ourselves in a wonderful, warm, faith community as we seek to be better prepared for service. Peace.
Anonymous said…
Glad you are enjoying yourself in an enviroment that is condusive to a lot of great learning about our Lord.

Take care, my friend. Study hard, play hard, and pray hard. But live easy.
Ivy said…
Thanks Steve. I intend to do just that. Blessings.
Law+Gospel said…
Glad to meet you, Ray and the darling Abby in person.
Ivy said…
It was our pleasure to meet you as well. It was good to put a voice to the blogger. We have especially enjoyed your reflections on CPE. See you around campus.

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