Monday, January 21, 2008

Continuing Adventures in Rehab--the Persistant Lady

The adventures of Marie and me at rehab continue. This afternoon, after Ray had left, a frail, elderly woman in a wheelchair turned the corner and entered our room. We kept trying to tell her it wasn't her no avail. She just kept on coming...past my bed over to Marie's. Marie had been relaxedly reading the newspaper, now at the foot of her bed. The woman started pulling at the paper and Marie kept telling her, "No!" Eventually an aide came and took her back to her own area.

Not five minutes later, here she comes again! This time she headed for our bathroom. I thought she'd never be able to manage opening the big door in her wheelchair. Was I ever wrong. Again we rang for help and she was whisked away.

This lady was persistent. We found out she's 104 years old. We should have her energy and determination! Later in the day we were telling Rob, the young nurse about her and in she comes again! Rob took her out into the hallway and was talking to her. The woman was looking at Marie and shaking her finger. She was apparently annoyed the Marie didn't give her the paper.

Rob returned her to the hallway where her room is and shut the hallway doors. All in all, it made for a good laugh later.

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