Sunday, January 20, 2008

Marie and me

I was praying about who my roommate would be and asking God's grace that we get along well. He is indeed faithful, even in the small things. Marie is my roommate. We have an extremely hot room. Our Biology studies this past week on global warming seem quite apropos.

I am always hot, but thankfully, so is Marie. We both arrived at rehab on Thursday. We died from the heat and were both soaking wet by morning after sleeping all night in our sauna...I mean room. Even Ray found it very hot here. Friday we met many people: dietitian, physical and occupational therapists, activities name it. More importantly though, we learned the secret of cooling off the room, which involved turning off the heat entirely and opening a window. But, if we left our door open, the heat would come into our room from the hallway and would overheat the room. When we are way too hot: the window is open, the heat off and the door closed.

We kept saying imagine if one of us was always cold and the other hot! We would both be miserable. As it is, our room is now quite comfortable. An aide walked in today and asked if we'd
like our window closed. In unison we responded, "No!"

There are other ways in which we get along quite nicely. She enjoys classical and choral music. This morning we listened to Richard Gladwell's "With Heart and Voice" on my laptop. One of the aides walked in and commented on how much she enjoys classical music and used to study by it in college. "Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?" (Amos 3:3). Or in our case "room together."

Things which could have been a source of friction and frustration are those things upon which we agree. We are even on the same schedule for our pain meds!

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