Thursday, April 24, 2008

This Rocked Me

You ever read something and you know you've been nailed--those thoughts, actions, feelings that we don't like to admit to, well...we have to own up to them. Please read this article at Gifted for Leadership and you too may be rocked. What do you think? My husband's reaction was that person should not even be considering ministry. I don't know, I think she was just being very honest about those things we'd like to pretend we wouldn't feel or do.

Picture from klikr.


Andy said...

As someone whose office door is always open, and who gives his cell phone number to whoever wants it, I think she gets the inevitable tension that is ministry - the tension between the urgent and the important.

Interruptions are always urgent. The telephone is the rudest thing in the world. But if our entire lives are controlled by them, then a significant part of ministry remains undone because God rarely hollers, "Have a minute?" when it comes to prayer, thinking, and understanding truth.

Sometimes we just have to decide to interrupt our interruptions.

That said, if somebody does get your attention, then for everybody's sake, give them all of it.

Ivy said...

Thanks for your comments, Andy. It's like walking a tightrope. But as you said, "God rarely hollers." We must tend the inner garden in order to have something to give when interrupted with holy interruptions.