Wednesday, June 25, 2008

2 steps forward/1 back

I did great yesterday, but it was like two steps forward and one step back because I overdid it. I wasn't aware of that however, until the evening and throughout the night. My physical therapist said I need to remove one
activity for the next time.

So now after PT and a couple of errands, I'm resting.
Didn't Jesus say something about that? Oh yeah...he's the source of rest.

Picture from flickr.


david said...

I know it is hard to slow down when you are used to going at a certain speed. Pace yourself Ivy. The world will still be there when you reach full speed. Praying for your continued recovery.

Ivy said...

Thanks David. I know that intellectually, but...Appreciate your prayers. Blessings.

steve martin said...

Slow and easy wins the race (so says the tortois)

God bless you, Ivy!