Thursday, June 19, 2008

Breaking the Rules

I am among those who too easily judge others, especially if they break the rules. Matthew 12:1-14 is a classic passage pitting humans against God, rules and laws against mercy and needs. Jesus responds to the Pharisees' protest of the disciples plucking grains to eat on the sabbath by countering with examples of David eating the bread of Presence and the temple priests guiltlessly breaking the sabbath.

"...something greater than the temple is here." God was among them in Christ and they didn't recognize him. He who is "Lord of the sabbath" was greater than the sabbath, greater than the temple, greater than the rules of men.

Verse 7, lying right in the middle of the passage, holds the key to that which should motivate our relationships, that which motivated Christ--mercy! This is further illustrated by Jesus healing on the sabbath.

He just never learned did he? He kept ob
eying his heavenly father despite the religious hierarchy's opposition. Just look at what this brought him--God's pleasure, but via the way of the cross-- just as it does for us. No cross, no crown. Are we willing to take the risk, to break the rules, to please our Lord?

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steve martin said...

Rules are meant for this world. Sometimes we just have to enforce them...for the sake of good order.

Sometimes we can look the other way as long as we are not hurting anyone else in the doing.

But God's mercy and grace are not about this world, but His.

What a day that will be when in His kingdom,when His rule and mercy shall reign upon us mercifully.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

interesting thoughts... challenging too!

thanks for your input over at my place...

Ivy said...

Thanks for your input Steve. Hot Cup, thanks for visiting and I enjoy your place very much. Blessings on tomorrow's sermon. Peace.

Pastor Eric said...

Too often we talk a "good game" when it comes to the Gospel, but when it comes to practice, we get stuck in the law. Like Steve said, laws are important to keep order. Laws are a gift from God. But we cannot forget about the Spirit of the law. Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to show grace.

Singing Owl said...

Hi Ivy! Thanks for stopping at my place. I left you a smart-alec comment back. :-)

I love the name of your blog!

Ivy said...

Pr. Eric and Singing Owl, thanks for dropping by. Pr. Eric thank you for your comments. Singing Owl, see you at your place. Blessings.