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Friday Five: What You Absolutely, Positively, Can't Leave Home Without

Singing Owl, one of the Revgals asks this for the Friday Five: what are the five things you simply must have when you are away from home? And why? Any history or goofy things, or stories?

We travel pretty light for road trips, as much as possible. Most have been trips to Rochester to see my daughter, granddaughter, and friends. However, next week at this time, the moving van will be here loading up everything for the biggest and most life altering road trip we've had in our five years of marriage--the trip to the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. One of the best parts of this particular trip is that it will begin on our 5th wedding annivarsary.

So much for background. Five things I simply must have when away from home:

1. Clothes--the why is pretty obvious.

2. Toiletries--deodorant, shampoo etc.--again an obvious why--who'd want to be around me?

3. A place to stay halfway through the trip. From our current home to Rochester we always broke the trip in Albany. I just can't do the 6-8 hour stretches of driving by myself anymore.

4. Traveling music which is my husband, the audiophile's responsibility. Besides CDs, he tunes in the radio to the local stations as we travel.

5. Thanks to Diane for this reminder--prescriptions, or as my daughter says, our "pharmacy."

One goofy thing happened on our first road trip from home to Rochester. I was sure I had remembered to pack everything. I was confident until I started unpacking. I didn't bring underwear which necessitated a shopping trip. Our first few trips to Rochester, one of us always managed to forget something. The last few times however, we got this particular road trip down pat. Since next week everything will be out of our apartment other than us and the suitcases, I don't think we'll forget anything.

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Mary Beth said…
Congratulations on this MOST exciting trip!
Jan said…
You have a practical, good list. Thanks for the cute story.
Singing Owl said…
Best wishes for the next part of the journey!
Ivy said…
Thank you so much Mary Beth, Jan, and Singing Owl. Singing Owl, are you back from the mother ship?
david said…
#4....simply a must have!
Ivy said…
David--oh yeah! One Christmas time en route to Rochester we heard the entire St. Olaf Christmas concert on public radio.

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