Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's An Anniversary!

For those of you who aren't aware, RevGalsBlogPals is a tremendous site. Not only are there resources, help with sermons, etc., but it fosters a community of faith and fellowship for those in ministry, seminary, or considering ministry. Today is their third anniversary and one of the gals, Singing Owl wrote this for the celebration:

Three years ago today,
RevGals was on it's way
The preachin' gals
and then their pals
Made history that day!

The blogs are fun to do,
The preachers party too,
And Friday Five and all that jive,
Give us a place to play!

We gripe and pray and blog,
And sometimes go whole hog
With cyber parties, real ones too,
There's always something new!

So Happy Birthday, Gals,
And Happy Birthday, Pals,
Three years today--HIp hip hurray,
It is a party day!

That about says it all. Thanks for putting my feelings into words, Singing Owl.

Give them a visit.

Picture from flickr.


Sally said...

revgals is a truly wonderful community

Ivy said...

Yes, it is. We are blessed.

Singing Owl said...

Wow! I am honored you posted my limmerick. ;-)