Sunday, August 31, 2008

Abby's Out of Work

Yesterday Ray left to spend 3 weeks in training for a new Seeing Eye dog. He had a great train ride from Harrisburg to Newark, NJ. and is all settled in at Seeing Eye. He will get his new guide dog tomorrow. Meanwhile, back at home, Abby is officially retired, which sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

The down side is that Abby is used to going everywhere: work, church, chapel, the refectory, restaurants...there were no limitations on where she could go with Ray. As a dog of leisure, whose primary responsibility is to hold down the rug, Abby will now be spending time being left behind at home. My classmates have been wonderful. Everyone is concerned about her and have offered to help walk her and give her lots of TLC. She did really well yesterday and I have been trying to pay more attention than usual to her.

This morning however, was difficult. She can no longer go to church with me. The look I got before leaving the house was heartbreaking. It was like she was saying, "You're going somewhere without me?" She managed to adjust though. When I got home she was all wiggles and glad to see me. There was no howling or barking to be heard outside the door. That's always a good sign. But still, it just seems odd that one day this dog can be anywhere and yet today, she's very limited as to venues that welcome her. Well, at least while the weather is nice, she'll still be able to join us for compline outdoors.

She has been a faithful friend, companion, and lifeline for Ray. We can only say to her, "Well done." By God's grace, the same will be said of us by our Lord.

Flick picture.


Songbird said...

Are you sure she cannot go to church with you? I would ask the appropriate folks in charge, particularly if you might be looking into using her as a partner in ministry. Molly did her therapy dog training and evaluation through Therapy Dogs, Inc. but there are other organizations around you might check out as well: Therapy Dogs International and Delta Pet Partners. They are all online. Blessings to you and to Abby!

LawAndGospel said...

Abby is always welcome at my place - Aberly 205 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Thanks be to God for Abby!

Ivy said...

You are too sweet Law and Gospel. If you happen to read this today, Tues., I could use someone to look in on her. I have a spare key with me. The day long orientation leaves little time to get back to Stuempfle. Peace.