Sunday, September 7, 2008

Yellow Leaves All a Twitter

I was first introduced to Frederick Buechner by a pastor who quoted his well-known wisdom on discerning vocation as "That place where your great joy meets the world's great need." Buechner has a new book out and Jim Martin offers a thoughtful reflection on it. Please check it out.

By the way I just joined Twitter, so if any of you are members, let me know. Blessings.

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LawAndGospel said...

I love this Buechner quote. It has been one of those that guides my discernment. I have come back to it time and again. I'll have to check out the new book. And BTW the Brueggeman from the other day- I just love his words! Blessings for your week and see you on campus- now in a different room in Heiges.

Ivy said...

I have the Brueggeman book if you'd ever like to borrow it. Just let me know. Peace.