Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Long and Bumpy Road

For the last couple of months, this has been what the main road through the seminary looked like. It has been with uncertainty and a bit of trepidation that we would venture out each morning. Where will the trucks be? What part of the road will be inaccessible? What's the best route to take? The route may have been circuitous, and bumpy, but unlike parts of New England where, "You can't get there from here,"we could get there, but it's been a challenge. I have a new appreciation for Isaiah's imagery, especially of making the uneven ground smooth.

Progress has been made since this picture was taken. Yesterday they were putting asphalt on the road. When I went to class in the morning, there was none. Later, on the way to chapel, part of one side was done. By the time lunch was over, the other side was done.

Because of the need to daily take different routes, Amity has not yet completely learned her way around campus. Once the work is completed, however, it won't take long for Ray and Amity to get around as easily as Ray and Abby did. In the meantime, everyone on campus has been very helpful and supportive. Rather than the long and winding road, our long and bumpy road is more easily walked with friends.

LTSG picture


Jill said...

Is every seminary under construction? Because it looks very much like what is going on here.

Ivy said...

Jill, which one are you at? The only reason we're under construction is that the National Park Service is responsible for Seminary Ridge because of its historical significance during the Civil War. Though the seminary preceded the war, it ended up being near the battle fields and was a field hospital. And the work doesn't cost the seminary anything. Peace.

LawAndGospel said...

We managed to walk out of th refectory and start across the road, when we noticed a hissing sound. It was the cooling asphalt we were on- fortunately our shoes did not meld with the road.;)

Ivy said...

Good thing. I wondered how hot it was when Ray, Amity, and I walked across shortly after the steamroller had gone by. Amity didn't hurry across though and our shoes didn't melt!